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Intrerupator cu variator de tensiune alternativa 220V 10A 40-600W, fixare in perete, pentru control gradat: lumina, viteza ventilator, turatie motor,...
18 RON
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2X100W / Pioneer XR-A670 XR-VS88, equivalent: STK407-070B 2X70W XR-VS66.
38 RON
LCD Power Management / DC-DC Converter, 10-30V IC SO8. Philips Cross Reference: 996590009406 PF8200S
12 RON
Micro-Stepping Motor Driver / Interface with position controller and control / diagnostic interface for Diesel TDI, CRDI and pertol FSI, DME...
32 RON
Pad teflon flexibil ( folie silicon ) termoconductor, termorezistent si izolator electric, dimensiuni: 42 x 29 x 0.3mm, nu necesita...
0.50 RON
4-Channel LED Lighting Driver with High-Voltage DC-DC Controller, Step-Down (Buck), Step-Up (Boost) PWM Dimming 150mA TQFN20, Cross Reference: 16814B...
22 RON
N-FET 60V 27A RdsON=0, 05R TO263.
12 RON
N-FET 650V 7, 4A 142W RDS(on)=1.4Ω Vgs=15V TO263, equivalent: 7N65F 7N65G AOTF7N65 FCP7N65 FDBF7N65NZ FDB7N65U FDPF7N65U FCB7N65 FDB7N65U...
8-Digit Multi-Function, 10MHz Universal Counter / Timer and LED Display Driver Chip DIP40. Cross Reference: ICM7226AIJL.
100 RON
8-Bit AVR RISC-based Microcontroller 128K FLASH, 8K RAM TQFP64. Cross Reference: ATmega128-16AI.
28 RON
Primary-Side Constant Current Control / LED Driver IC 85-308VAC 50W eSIP7C, Power Integrations.
14 RON
Primary-Side Constant Current Control / LED Driver IC 85-308VAC 15W eSIP7C, Power Integrations.
12 RON