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Ultimele produse adaugate

Controller Area Network (CAN) serial transceiver 125kbps, 3.1 - 5.25V interfacing with microcontroller, SO14. Cross Reference: 1055T TJA1055 TJA1055T....
14 RON
Hybrid IC Voltage Regulator Module, Off-Line Current Mode PWM Control Circuit SIP7 case.
28 RON
Digital Tuner LCD / LED TV. Cross Reference: 996595005819 ST42CS-2-E TEPS88480182.
90 RON
Bareta cu dimensiunile: 322mm x 15mm x 8mm continand 5 leduri albe ultraluminoase. Samsung Cross Reference: 2013SVS39F BN41-02027A BN96-27897A...
90 RON
Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) compliant Quadrature Amplitude Modulation QPSK / BPSK Demodulator and Decoder. QFP100 package. Grundig Cross...
40 RON
4-Channel BTL Motor / Actuator Driver for CD players and CD-ROM drives, SDIP32. Aiwa Kenwood Sony Cross Reference: 8-759-579-80
High Voltage Audio Amplifier with Muting Circuit, Supply voltage: 74V 10mA, Power dissipation: 1000mW, SIP7 case. Behringer Panasonic/Matsushita...
14 RON
MosFet Power Offline Converter, Quasi-Resonant Controller Type, Switching Power Supply with High Efficiency. Kenwood Cross Reference: STRL472NF
28 RON
Kit service LED / DLED Panel TV 32 inch. Setul contine 7 barete tip A cu dimensiunile: 532mm x 10mm x 7mm continand 6 leduri albe ultraluminoase....
60 RON
Receptor terestrial HDTV de mare performanta, respecta in totalitate specificatiile DVB-T2 FTA. Caracteristici: Compatibil cu DVB-T2 FTA Digital...
130 RON
Diamond Elliptical Stylus for Cartridge System: AT13 AT-13 AT14 AT-14 AT15 AT-15 AT15SS AT20SS, equivalent: 10136 89026 ATN13EAV ATN-13EAV ATN-13-EAV...
146 RON
20W Stereo Digital Power Stage Amplifier Class D I2S. 22 Programmable Biquads for Speaker EQ and DRC, HTQFP48 Power-Pad. Cross Reference: TAS5709A...
18 RON