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Ultimele produse adaugate

Audio Power Amplifier for Sony Home Theater Hi-Fi System. 2x 70W RMS 4R 1KHz THD 10%. Cross Reference: 670328801.
38 RON
N-FET 25V 12A 20W 0, 9R SOT223, equivalent: 3055 3055L 3055RLE APM3055L D3055L F3055L FD3055L FP3055LE FP3055LD MTP3055LD NTD3033L NTF3055 P3055L...
IGBT-N High Speed Power Switching 360V 35A (250App) 60W Tf<150ns TO263, Panasonic Service Cross Reference: B1JBEN000004.
12 RON
High Performance Switch-Mode Power Supply Controller for Backlight and LLC Converters SOIC19. Cross Reference: DDA002B DDA002C.
18 RON
High Performance Liquid Crystal Power Management SOP16. Cross Reference: DDA006AD DDA006AG.
22 RON
Si-N 60V 2A 25W 3MHz TO126. Cross Reference: BD235B.
0.50 RON
Power Secondary Voltage Regulator with 3 outputs, 12.1V/0.8A, 12V/0.8A, 5.3V/1A.
N-FET 30V 40A 40W DPAK / TO252, equivalent: 8878L FDD8878L FDU8878.
Step-down current mode PWM regulator 3A 400kHz up to 1.2 MHz DFN8. Cross Reference: ST1S10PUR.
8-Bit Microcontroller / CPU Neuron Chip® 10MHz QFP64. Two programmable 16-bit timers and counters built in. 34 different types of I/O functions to...
38 RON
LCD/LED TV Power Management Control Current Resonant Mode SOP16. Cross Reference: 5760 5760A 5760AP 5760APS 5760S FA5760AP FA5760N FA5760N-N6-TE3...
18 RON
2 x 20W Digital 2.1 Class D Power Audio Amplifier, HT-QFP48 Power-Pad. Cross Reference: TAS5731A TAS5731EVM TAS5731L TAS5731M TAS5731MPHP TAS5731PH...
24 RON