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Elliptical Diamond Stylus for AT93E AT95E Dual Magnet Cartridge. Use in Audio Technica Marantz CS-300 CT-500 TT-5 TT-130 TT-140 TT-221 CS-500 CT-300...
82 RON
Panou fotovoltaic flexibil din ETFE (derivat teflon), caracteristici electrice: 319V (435V in gol) 0.39A 92W, dimensiuni: 3400 x 460 x 1, 2 mm,...
450 RON
Spherical Diamond Stylus for: Aiwa AN36 Azuki GSM7302 Benytone 9130L Benytone 9190 Fuji MM107 Hitachi DS-ST5 JVC DT25H DT27 DT29 Mitsubishi 3D33M...
52 RON
Unitate laser + mecanism pt. CD DVD Mini disc, refer. SOHDMZU OEM original Samsung, equivalent: DK80P DM86 Akai, SOH-M93 Roadstar Discman.
42 RON
Unitate laser + mecanism, Grundig Thomson TM9004 TM9178, service refer. 10800420 TCP11SL3W TCP11TK2-LF TCP11TK2 TCP11-TK2X.
52 RON
Highly polished conical diamond stylus Sony HP151A HP188 HP199 HP200A HP210 HP215 HP218 HP219 HP2000D, equivalent: ND119P ND120P ND133G ND134G NS119P...
32 RON
Telefon conectabil la reteaua telefonica si/sau la linia de internet. Pentru primirea si efectuarea apelurilor se foloseste fie linia clasica, fie...
32 RON
64 RON
Panou fotovoltaic c-SI-M48 EU40123, contine 48 celule monocristaline de inalta calitate, caseta din aluminiu anodizat, caracteristici electrice: 23, 8V...
1,450 RON
Elliptical Saphir Stylus for Aston Kenwood Goldring, Revox Super Nova Studio, AKG Cartridge Type Moving: P6E P6R P7E P8E P8ES P8S, equivalent: X6E X7E...
56 RON
Spherical Sapphire or Diamond Stylus & Cartridge Ceramic Output Stereo for Philips 22GP200 22GP205, Yamaha Solo 200, equivalent: 946SS50 AG3201...
142 RON
Saphire or Diamant Stereo LP/S Stylus needle for Alba BSR Dansette ElectroVoice Exco Fidelity model D403S DRP10, Ceramic Piezo Cartridge System LP/S...
28 RON
Set rezerva 6 becuri 12V si 3 sigurante auto, contine: 1 bec: H4 60/55W soclu P43T (far 2 faze scurta si lunga); 1 bec: P21/5W Soclu Bay15d...
16 RON

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