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Module Plasma & LCD

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Electronicservice   /   Module Plasma & LCD (248)
Universal Inverter Board (92X42X12mm) DC Input: 10V-28Vcc, Voltage Output: 800-1000Vrms. LCD 4 Lamps for 15"-26" display, 6 pins conector (Pinout: Vcc...
24 RON
175 RON
CCFL Inverter Board 4 lamp for Hitachi Sampo Vestel, equivalent: 0704070591 200-000-1700TL 30041725 AD-1700 IA7328-T/0714 LVE0320-Rev.0Y...
74 RON
POWER BOARD HITACHI JVC SEG UNIVERSUM VESTEL LCD 26"-37" model: 2LD3202 CMTSE5 DCRHC20E SRFMQ11C 17PW20.2 17PW20-V2 17PW20-2 17PW20-26 17PW20-30...
198 RON
POWER SUPPLY / INVERTER LCD Vestel MB46-16", equivalent: 17IPS16-3-16, IC FDS8958B, AZ494CM-E1.
82 RON
LCD POWER SUPPLY INVERTER 17IPS17-22" Hitachi Teletech LCD22855 chassis 17MB46 BTB-MB45 refer. 20465366 26660364 V1-070809.
130 RON
Z-SUSTAIN Beko, Grundig (Xephia), Ivory, LG model: PDP42PHS 42PD4200 PDP42HS NRPDP42PHS 42PW110 panel LG-42V6, equivalent: 6870QZE013C 6870QZE013D...
470 RON
Power Supply Unit & Backlight Inverter & Audio Amplifier for Samsung Syncmaster 920N 920NW 940N 940NW LS19WJBKBM LS19HAA, equivalent:...
335 RON
Power Supply Board 26-32" for Bush Hitachi Polaroid Sanyo Seg Sharp Sony Techwood Toshiba Vestel chassis 17MB35 , refer. 23024936 23021673 23027771...
160 RON
Power Supply Board LG-Philips model: 37PFL5405H 42PFL5405H LC420WUY chassis Q552.1ELA, equivalent: HR-IPB37 PLHD-P982A. PCB refer. 272217100966...
214 RON
Power Inverter Board for LCD/LED-TV model: Hitachi L26VG07UJ Vestel Linsar 26LED906T chassis 17MB62-2 26", refer. 23036081 JT012600102B.
145 RON
Main Board for Samsung LE32C530F1W-XXH chassis N82A, refer.BN41-01536B X4_DVB_H_LCD5_D4, Display: LE32C530F1WX / LFT320HM01 or LE32C530F1WXRU, tuner:...
450 RON
T-Con LVDS Module for LG/Philips LCD Display 26", refer. 6870C-0250B, IC TL2417MC.
48 RON
Main Board for Samsung LE32A456C2D LE32B450C4W LE32B530P7W chassis GCR32SE N50A N65A, refer. BN94-02683W BN94-02710A BN94-03132U SATURN_DTV_REV, tuner...
180 RON
Main Board for Samsung LE32B350F1 chassis N76A, refer. BN94-02779P SURIVAL_DVB, tuner BN40-00150A / DTX-8B/W12B5S.
160 RON
T-Con Logic Controller Board for Samsung UE40D5003BW, refer. 35-D060051.
120 RON
T-Con Logic Controller Board for: Samsung UN40C6400 UN46C6300 UN46C6500, Panel BN81-04452A BN81-04456A, refer. 35-D044875 35-D044856.
120 RON
T-Con Logic Controller Board for LG 47LH30-UA 47LH3000-ZA LD91A Chassis, Hitachi L32AX03A, refer. 35-D035465.
120 RON
T-Con Logic Controller Board for 46", Samsung UN46C5000QF N98 Chassis, refer. 35-D046140 V400H1 V370H3 V315H1.
120 RON
T-CON (LCD LOGIC CONTROLLER) DRIVER BOARD Goodmans LG Sanyo Vestel model DP26640 DP26640 P26640-07 P26640-12, Panel Sticker LC260WXN-SBA1, equivalent:...
48 RON
Power Supply Board LCD Bush Digihome JVC Vestel 22LED/DVD132 chassis 17MB62 M215HGE 19"-22"-24". Vestel refer. 23050247 23057661 23073013 23088534...
100 RON
Switching Power Supply Board for LED-TV: Philips 32PFL6606H 46PFL9706H 52PFL9606H Sharp 32LE630E. Philips refer. 2722.171.90337 DPS-93BP/A-B Delta....
180 RON
CCFL Backlight Inverter Board for LG Flatron M2794D W2753V, Chassis LD84F LM91C, 7 Lamp Panel EAJ60134701 LM270WF1-TLB1, equivalent: EAY56127502...
380 RON
Backlight Inverter Board for LG-Philips 32", Acoustic Solution LCD32761HDF, Element 32LE30Q, Sanyo DP32648 CE32LD33-B, Technika LCD32-207, Xenius...
170 RON
Power Supply Inverter Board for Alba Digihome Finlux Hitachi LG Oki Teletech Techwood Watson LCD32HD LCD32880HDF chassis 17MB25-3 17MB45 17MB60 17MB61...
162 RON
Chassis Main Board for LG Philips chassis LD89A/D/F model: 32LG6000 42LG6100 LG326000, refer. EAX39192001 EBR44121501 EBU48204881.
475 RON
Modul alimentare DVD, tensiuni de iesire: +3, 3V/2A +5V/2A, +5Vst-by, +12V/2A, +16V/1A, +21V/0, 8A, +30V/0, 4A dimensiuni 210X60x30mm, refer....
22 RON
Modul alimentare DVD cu VIPer12A, putere nominala: 20W, tensiuni de iesire: +3, 6V/2A +5V/3A, +5Vst-by, +10V/1A +12V/2A, -12V/1A -21V/0, 3A, dimensiuni...
24 RON
Power supply & Inverter Board LCD LG-PHILIPS 32-ZOLL 16 Lamp chassis 17MB32 refer. 30051015 30053669 AIVP-0035 AIVP-0035A AIVP0035A Lien-Chang...
210 RON
POWER BOARD Beko Bush Neovia Goodmans Grunding Hyundai LCD-TV 26-32" 24V/6A 12V/4A 200W, equivalent: 275990303100 XDL140R XJN140 XLA194-03 XLF140-1...
220 RON
POWER SUPPLY ASSY LCD LG-PHILIPS model: 32LC2RC-CJ chassis LP61A, refer. 6709900016 6709900016C CRB31203901 EAY33021201 LG2637N PSU67099000 YP3237.
200 RON
Power Supply / Inverter Board LCD/LED Vestel MB2 MB62 Chassis 17MB62-18.5". PWM controller 3BR0665J, refer. 20598174 20587817 BOE-300. Dimensiuni:...
110 RON
Kit adaptor pentru substituirea modulului invertor si a lampilor CCFL la monitoare, LCD-TV si laptopuri cu diagonala: 20" 21" 22", durata de viata...
120 RON
Kit adaptor pentru substituirea modulului invertor si a lampilor CCFL la monitoare, LCD-TV si laptopuri cu diagonala: 15" 17" 19", durata de viata...
100 RON
Main Board full HD for LG 19"-32", art. refer. EAX60686902, EAX60686905, EBU60674801, EBU60674804, LH9115. Tuner TDFW-G235D.
240 RON
POWER BOARD HITACHI JVC SEG UNIVERSUM VESTEL LCD 26"-37" model: 2LD3202 CMTSE5 DCRHC20E SRFMQ11C 17PW20-1 17PW20.1 17PW20-26 17PW20-30 17PW20-32...
198 RON
Backlight Inverter Board for LG 32LH3000, Hitachi L32VP03U, JVC LT32J300, Proscan 32LB45Q, Sanyo CE32FD90, Philips 32LH30 32LF11 L32VP03U LT-32J300...
120 RON
Power Board for Digihome JVC Polaroid Toshiba Vestel Techwood, chassis 17MB48 17MB61 17MB62 17MB90 170-270V refer. 20525873 20541676 20554264 20571854...
148 RON
Y-Main Board Samsung 42HDU1 PN42B450BID PS42B430P2W S42AX-YB05 S42AX-YB07 PL42A , equivalent: BN96-09336A BN96-09751A LJ92-01582A.
466 RON
Power Supply-Invertor Board for Hitachi Toshiba Vestel chassis MB21 15"-21", equivalent: 17IPS01-2 20383065 V20383065. Inverter trafo 30052713.
120 RON
INVERTER BOARD MASTER-SLAVE SET 42-ZOLL LCD-TV LG-Philips 42PFL7862D chassis Q528.1ELA. refer. 6632L-0470A & 6632L-0471A 996500046283,...
320 RON
POWER SUPPLY BOARD LG, GRUNDIG, PHILIPS, TECHNOSONIC LCD3251, chassis PT1000 32-37"-190W, equivalent: AVISOL PLCD-190-PT3. PCB refer....
200 RON
POWER SUPPLY / INVERTER LCD Alba Luxor Techwood Vestel 17MB25-19 17MB45-3-BOE, equivalent: 17IPS15-4-19" refer. V-20433133.
120 RON
Modul ton paralel, Input IF: 32, 4 - 33, 4MHz (BG/DK CCIR/OIRT) Output sound IF 5, 5MHz. refer. quasi parallel ton modul TDA9800T.
28 RON
CCFL Inverter Board Samsung model: LC32IH62 LN32C450E1-DXZA 8 lamps, IC: AP11A21SN, trafo: 4012I TMS94879CS refer. I315B5-4UD-A001B T871075.00...
120 RON
CCFL Master Backlight Inverter for HITACHI L42VP01U, JVC LT-42P789 LT-42X579 LT-42X688 LT-42X788, PHILIPS 42PFL5432D, SANYO DP42848, VIEWSONIC...
160 RON
POWER BOARD Beko Bush Grunding LCD-TV 20-32" 8 LAMP 5V/0, 5A 12V/1, 5A 1570V/5, 5mA, equivalent: FSP060-2PIO2 MS223LIP P201V1-F1-P1D0 PCB4612AC.
148 RON
CCFL inverter LCD PHILIPS 20PFL3403S60 chassis CM1.0E refer. 09204179423 996510014478 JSY200623.
56 RON
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