Circuite integrate

0133 / R2A20133D Renesas di1
0133 / R2A20133D Renesas di1 Circuite integrate
High efficiency PFC Boost Converter Control with Critical Conduction Mode, SOP8. Cross Reference: 0133D 0133E 4K3 60R3 20113 R2A20133DSP
9,00 RON
1001DL Hitachi mg1
1001DL Hitachi mg1 Circuite integrate
AC-DC Power Switching Converter Controller for PWM Delta DPS200PP-74A DIP16. Cross Reference: 1001D 1001DLM A1001D A1001DL DNA1001D DNA1001DL DNA1001DLP-E.
16,00 RON
100GEA / R5F100GEAFB Philips fg3
100GEA / R5F100GEAFB Philips fg3 Circuite integrate
16-bit Microcontroller MCU 16Bit 32MHz 64KB Flash (64K x 8) RL78 CPU core CISC architecture LQFP48
20,00 RON
1014A / NCP1014A ONS cs
1014A / NCP1014A ONS cs Circuite integrate
SMPS Current Mode Control 65KHZ, SOT223. Cross Reference: 1014AP NCP1014ST65T3G RAP1014A RDB1014A RSL1014A RVB1014A RYK1014A.
9,00 RON
103IW / Z103WA Texas eq
103IW / Z103WA Texas eq Circuite integrate
Dual Operational Amplifiers with Internal Reference use in Switch-Mode / Power Supply Linear Voltage Regulation, Precision Adjustable (Programmable) Shunt Reference 900kHz 3÷32V SOP8. Sony Cross...
7,00 RON
1271A / NCP1271 ONS ra1
1271A / NCP1271 ONS ra1 Circuite integrate
Monolithic Switcher, Soft-Skip Mode Standby PWM Controller with Adjustable Skip Level and External Latch 65 ÷ 100KHz SOIC7 / SOIC8. Cross Reference: 1271 1271A 1271B NCP1271 NCP1271A NCP1271B...
7,00 RON
12C508A / PIC12C508A Microchip tdm
12C508A / PIC12C508A Microchip tdm Circuite integrate
8 Bit Microcontroller - MCU .75Kx25KB or 512x12 // 25RAM Flash CMOS (6I/O 4MHz) 3.3V/ 5V High Speed RISC Microcontroller. Clock Frequency: 4MHz. Interface Type: I2C, SPI. SOP8 case. Cross...
8,00 RON
12F675 / PIC12F675-I/SN MicroChip eq
12F675 / PIC12F675-I/SN MicroChip eq Circuite integrate
8 Bit CPU Microcontroller 1Kx14 FLASH 6I/O 128Bit EEPROM 20MHz PIC12 SOIC8
7,00 RON
1361T / UDA1361TS Philips na1
1361T / UDA1361TS Philips na1 Circuite integrate
96 kHz sampling / 24-bit Stereo Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), employing bitstream conversion, SSOP16. Philips / Sony Cross Reference: 996500025468 988509643 UDA1361TSN1.
16,00 RON
1380D / NCP1380 ONS me1
1380D / NCP1380 ONS me1 Circuite integrate
Quasi-Resonant Current-Mode Controller for High-Power Universal Off-Line Supplies SO8. Cross Reference: 1380A 1380B 1380D NCP1380A NCP1380B NCP1380BDR2G NCP1380D NCP1380DDR2G. Disponibil cu sufix B...
9,00 RON
14024B / MC14024 kh5
14024B / MC14024 kh5 Circuite integrate
7-Stage Binar Segment Ripple Counter 3 - 18V, SOP14. Cross Reference: CD4024 HEF4024 HEF4024BP MC14024BDG.
2,50 RON
14042BG / MC14042BG eq
14042BG / MC14042BG eq Circuite integrate
Latches Quad Transparent D Type Differential, 3 ÷ 18V 40ns 6, 8mA SO14. Cross Reference: CD4042 HEF4042 MC4042BDR2G
3,50 RON
1406035 / SN1406035 Texas dh1
1406035 / SN1406035 Texas dh1 Circuite integrate
DC/DC Converter Multi-Level Smart Multi-Voltage Detector with Supervising Power Supply Voltage Levels, QFN24. LG Cross Reference: EAN63530601 SN1406035RGER.
70,00 RON
14069UG / MC14069UG ONS eq
14069UG / MC14069UG ONS eq Circuite integrate
Schmitt Trigger Hex Inverter CMOS 3-18V with MOS P-channel and N-channel enhancement mode devices in a single monolithic structure, SO14, equivalent: 14069U 14069UB 14069UBDG BU4069 CD4069UB HEF4069U...
3,50 RON
14094B / CD4084 Motorola rg4
14094B / CD4084 Motorola rg4 Circuite integrate
CMOS 8-Bit Shift and Store Bus Register SOP16. Cross Reference: 14094 74HC4094BE AC1412009E CD4094 CD4094BDE CD14094BE MC4094B HCF4094BD HCF4094BD HEF4094 HEF4094B HEF4094BT MC4094BCP MC4094B...
2,50 RON
1678 / uPC1678G NEC rg3
1678 / uPC1678G NEC rg3 Circuite integrate
Medium Power Broadband Silicon MMIC Amplifier and V-Bias, 2Ghz Wideband 7, 5dB SO8. Kenwood Sony Cross Reference: 1678G 875909301 875909302 uPC1678 uPC1678GV-A
10,00 RON
16N65 / STP16N65 ST®
16N65 / STP16N65 ST® Circuite integrate
N-FET 650V 12A 90W 0R299 TO220AB. Cross Reference: 16N65M5 P16N65 STP16N65M5 W16N65.
16,00 RON
16N65F / STF16N65 STW®
16N65F / STF16N65 STW® Circuite integrate
N-FET 650V 13A 31W 0R29 TO220F. Cross Reference: 16N65M5 F16N65 P16N65 STP16N65 W16N65 WML16N65C2 Wayon.
9,00 RON
16N65M5 ST® hq
16N65M5 ST® hq Circuite integrate
N-FET 650V 12A 48W 0R299 I2PAK. Cross Reference: 16N65 16N65M5 B16N65M5 STB16N65M5 STI16N65 STI16N65M5.
10,00 RON
1710-01 / IW1710-01 IWatt rh5
1710-01 / IW1710-01 IWatt rh5 Circuite integrate
LED Lighting Power Driver IC SOP8. Cross Reference: 1710-0I IW1710-0I.
8,00 RON
18B20 Dallas nb4
18B20 Dallas nb4 Circuite integrate
Programmable Digital Thermometer TO92. Cross Reference: DS18B20.
12,00 RON
1A50 / FA1A50 Fuji eh1
1A50 / FA1A50 Fuji eh1 Circuite integrate
CMOS DC/DC Buck (Step-Down) Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller / Converter, Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) / SOP8. Samsung Cross Reference: FA1A50N.
18,00 RON
1A60 / FA1A60 Fuji ed1
1A60 / FA1A60 Fuji ed1 Circuite integrate
PWM DC/DC Buck (Step-Down) Regulator, Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller / SOP8. Samsung Cross Reference: FA1A60N-C6-L3
12,00 RON
1CZ21H Sharp kb4
1CZ21H Sharp kb4 Circuite integrate
Low Dissipation Current at OFF-state Chopper Regulator Uin-40V 1, 5A 8W. Cross Reference: C00BCMG00003 PQ1CZ1T PQ-1CZ1-H PQ1CZ21H2ZZH PQ1CZ21H2ZPH.
5,00 RON
1Q001 / BM1Q001 ef1
1Q001 / BM1Q001 ef1 Circuite integrate
Quasi-Resonant DC/DC Converter SO8. Philips Cross Reference: 10001 1Q00I BM1Q001 BM1Q001FJ BM1Q002FJ BM1Q001FJ-E2.
10,00 RON
1S311 / SC1S311 Sanken dh2
1S311 / SC1S311 Sanken dh2 Circuite integrate
Monolithic IC for swtiching regulators management, chip SOP7 or SOP8. LG / Panasonic Cross Reference: 1S311 C0DBAYY01915 NR131S SK291 SK453 SK482A SK662 SSC1S311 SSC-1S311. EAY62810501 / LD31B LD36B...
16,00 RON
1X= / RT9043 RickTech gb1
1X= / RT9043 RickTech gb1 Circuite integrate
High PSRR, Low Dropout, 400mA Adjustable LDO Regulator SOT23-5. Cross Reference: 1X=11G 1X=80A 1X=90A 1X=B0Y 1X=Q05 1X=F0L 1X=K1T 1X=S27 1X=S2Z 1X=XXX RT9043GB
12,00 RON
200D1 / NCP1200D100 ONS eq
200D1 / NCP1200D100 ONS eq Circuite integrate
PWM Current-Mode Controller 100kHz 16V 250mA, SO8. Cross Reference: 200D1 1200D100 1200AD100 NCP1200D100R2G.
10,00 RON
200D6 / NCP1200D60 ONS tq
200D6 / NCP1200D60 ONS tq Circuite integrate
PWM Current-Mode Controller 60kHz 16V 250mA, SO8. Cross Reference: 200D6 1200D60 1200AD6 NCP1200D60R2G.
10,00 RON
20113 / R2A20113 Renesas di1
20113 / R2A20113 Renesas di1 Circuite integrate
High efficiency Critical Conduction Mode Power Factor Controller, SOP8. Cross Reference: R2A20113ASP R2A20113SP
5,00 RON
203D10 / NCP1203D100 Motorola rh3
203D10 / NCP1203D100 Motorola rh3 Circuite integrate
PWM Current−Mode Controller for Off−Line Supplies Featuring Standby and Short Circuit Protection. Internally Fixed Frequency at 100kHz SOP8. Cross Reference: 1203D10 23D1 20301 203D1 230D1 230D1H...
9,00 RON
203D6 / NCP1203D60 Motorola lb1
203D6 / NCP1203D60 Motorola lb1 Circuite integrate
PWM Current−Mode Controller for Off−Line Supplies Featuring Standby and Short Circuit Protection. Internally Fixed Frequency at 60kHz SOP8. Cross Reference: 1203D60 23D06 20306 203D6 230D6 230D6H...
9,00 RON
208017 / SN1208017D Texas ca5
208017 / SN1208017D Texas ca5 Circuite integrate
Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter SOP8. Samsung Cross Reference: 1203-008119 208017 SN1208017 SN1208017D SN1208017DDAR.
20,00 RON
2134UA / OPA2134UA Burr-Brown tq
2134UA / OPA2134UA Burr-Brown tq Circuite integrate
High Performance, High Fidelity, Ultra Low Noise & Distortion 0.00008%. Dual Audio Operational Amplifier, Bandwidth 8Mhz SO8.
18,00 RON
2153FN / TA2153FN Toshiba bc4
2153FN / TA2153FN Toshiba bc4 Circuite integrate
RF Amplifier for Digital Servo System, built-in focus error and tracking error Amplifier. TSSOP30. JVC Pioneer Cross Reference: 2153F 2153FNG 670368401 CDC-R937 TA2153F TA2153FN TA2153FNG TA2153FNS1...
16,00 RON
24512RP / M24512 ST®
24512RP / M24512 ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 512Kb 64k x 8 bit, 2, 5V ÷ 5, 5V SOP8. Cross Reference: 24C512 24C512RP 24512WP AT24512 EAN43352801 M24C512.
2,50 RON
24C01 / 24LC01 SMD ST®
24C01 / 24LC01 SMD ST® Circuite integrate
EEPROM 128x 8bit 2.5 ÷ 5V 400kHz SOP8.
2,00 RON
24C01 DIP ST®
24C01 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 128X8 5V DIP8.
0,40 RON
24C02 DIP ST®
24C02 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 256X8 5V DIP8.
2,00 RON
24C02 SMD ST®
24C02 SMD ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 256X8 5V SOP8. Cross Reference: 24LC02 K24C02.
1,50 RON
24C02T SOT
24C02T SOT Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 256X8 2Kbit I 2 Cbus 400Khz TSOT23-5. Cross Reference: C137 4 D CAT24C02TDI-GT3A.
2,50 RON
24C04 DIP ST®
24C04 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 512X8 5V DIP8.
2,00 RON
24C04 SMD ST®
24C04 SMD ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 512X8 5V SOP8.
2,00 RON
24C08 DIP ST®
24C08 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1024X8 5V DIP8. Cross Reference: 24C08WP.
2,00 RON
24C08 SMD MYM Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1024X8 5V SOP8.
2,00 RON
24C1024 Atmel
24C1024 Atmel Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1MBit 128KX8 SOP8. Cross Reference: 2G 24C1024 24C1024B AT24C1024BN.
12,00 RON
24C1024 DIP
24C1024 DIP Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1MBit 128KX8 DIP8. Cross Reference: 24C1024AT 24C1024B AT24C1024BN ATMLU132-2GB.
8,00 RON
24C1024BW Atmel
24C1024BW Atmel Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1MBit 128KX8 SOIC8. Cross Reference: 2GB 24C1024 4252BW AT24C1024BW.
12,00 RON
24C16 DIP ST®
24C16 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 2KX8 5V DIP8. Cross Reference: 24C16N 24C16WP.
2,00 RON
24C16 SMD MicroChip
24C16 SMD MicroChip Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 2KX8 5V SOP8.
2,00 RON
24C256 / M24256 ST®
24C256 / M24256 ST® Circuite integrate
EEPROM 256KBit 32Kx8 I2C Serial BUS, SOIC8. Cross Reference: 2EC 2ECL 24256 24256C 24256E 24C256C 24C256E 24C256N 24LC256 24LC256B 24256BWP 4256AW6 4256BRP AO48N AT24C256 ATMLH246 ATMLH348 CAT24C256...
3,50 RON
24C256YI ONS
24C256YI ONS Circuite integrate
EEPROM 256KBit 32Kx8 I 2 C Serial BUS, TSSOP8. Cross Reference: C56E CS6E 24256 24C256 24LC256 24256BWP CAT24C256 CAT24C256YI-GT3.
3,50 RON
24C32 / 24LC32 SMD ST®
24C32 / 24LC32 SMD ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 4KX8 5V SOIC8.
2,00 RON
24C32 DIP ST®
24C32 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 4KX8 5V DIP8.
2,00 RON
24C512 Atmel
24C512 Atmel Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 512KBit 64KX8 SOP8. Cross Reference: 2FC 24C512 24C512B AT24C512BN ATMLH316.
5,00 RON
24C64 / ATMLH140 ST®
24C64 / ATMLH140 ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 8KX8 5V SO8. Cross Reference: 24C64B 24C64D AT24C64D ATMLH140-2ECL ATMLH1402ECL EAN61133501 EAN61548301 EAN62389502.
2,00 RON
24C64 DIP ST®
24C64 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 8KX8 5V DIP8. Cross Reference: 24C64N.
2,50 RON
24E16 / 24C16 DIP ST®
24E16 / 24C16 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
2,50 RON
252R / NCP1250 SMD ec2
252R / NCP1250 SMD ec2 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Converter OCP/OPP/OVP 65kHz, PWM Controller Power IC SOT23-6 / TSOP6. Cross Reference SMD Marking Code: 25* 25AR 25ARWU 252R 252RAK 252RAL 252RAO 252REE 252RIL 252RIV 252RZU 252RYT 252RXX...
5,00 RON
258 / LM258D ST® tdm
258 / LM258D ST® tdm Circuite integrate
Dual Differential Input Operational Amplifier 1MHz ±16-32V SOP8. Equivalent / Similar Replacement: 258 258D 258DT BA10358D C1251D A258D CA258D DBL258D HA17258S LA6258D LA6258M LM258M.
2,00 RON
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